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Victoria and Jonas, Hambleton Hall

"The customer service I received was outstanding, Rebecca went above and beyond, became a true friend and even came to the ceremony, she was a super support and her flowers were just stunning."

"I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted when Rebecca and I first spoke and she did a really great job in helping me make my final choices which I was delighted with on the day.
Rebecca gave good and helpful advice and we were all delighted with the end results. I’d recommend Rebecca to everyone, friends or not!"

Thank you for my gorgeous wedding flowers; I loved them, they were absolutely amazing! Thank you for your support before hand and on the day itself, for putting up with my indecision and last minute recruitment of the official dress sorter outer! Seriously so glad you were there to share it with us. With heart felt thanks for making our special day truly magical.

Beautiful wedding of sweetpeas, feverfew daisies and David Austin Patience roses. The bride and groom live in Denmark which is where Jonas is from. Most of the communication was done via email after an initial meeting when Victoria was back in the UK. Victoria wanted to include the daisy within the wedding flowers as its the national flower of Denmark. We used lots of cut glass crystal, beautifully polished and on loan from the Victoria's Mum and various friends of the family. These fitting in with the size and feel of the beautiful Hambelton Hall.