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What we do

At Pollen Designs we adore everything flora and fauna. Meeting you and hearing about your plans will inspire us to create beautiful, thoughtful floral designs as individual as you are. Years of practiced craftsmanship mean your flowers are in safe, professional and loving hands.

Your choice of flowers and design is important. We choose to work closely with our clients to understand your requirements.
We can offer advice and help for the overall look to the smallest detail. We provide floral arrangements and decorations of varying scale and design, catering for all occasions.

Our preference is to use as much local, seasonal flowers and foliage as possible; from an environmental perspective but also to help sustain our local growers livelihoods. When buying locally we are governed by many factors, the weather and seasons having the most impact on availability.
We use local where we can and for everything else it has to be imported. The fact that we are able to order direct from Holland means that we have a huge variety of cut flowers available to us all year round.
Only buying in to order means we can guarantee the freshness of our products. Sometimes they have only been cut the same morning they have been delivered!

Our consultation workshop is based from home so if you are planning a visit we'd be delighted to meet you but booking is essential.

If you are looking for rough ideas about pricing please click here

01778 219 513 or 07818 091 354 rebecca@pollen-designs.co.uk